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Featured Item:

Weigh Shark CIT Scale

*Indicator Included*

$ 4285.00

Weigh Shark Conveyor Belt Scale-- Starting at $3185*

Specializing In EmeryWinslow & First Weigh Truck Scales

Weigh Shark Conveyor Belt Scale

  • Weigh Shark Scale: Single Idler (Model 100, 250 or 500 CEMA C & D) ---- $3185
  • Weight Shark Scale: Wet Applications (Model 100w, 250w or 500w) Shaft Mounted Encoder with Mounting Bracket, Coupler & 50' Cable --- $3295
  • Weigh Shark Scale: Dual Idler (Model 100, 250 or 500 CEMA C & D) --- $4285
  • Weigh Shark HD Scale: Heavy Duty (Model 250 or 500 Special 4 load cell system for CEMA E & F idlers (single idler)) --- $4945
  • Weigh Shark CIT Scale: (Model 100, 250 or 500 Special Scale for certain In Channel make idlers (single idler) Custom made based on idler model) --- $4285

Typical Model Speeds:

Model 100 (Typically 50-250 TPH)*
Model 250 (Typically 250-750 TPH)*
Model 500 (Typically above 750 TPH)*

*Based on Belt Speed

  Easy Installation…
Mounts to any width CEMA idler.
No holes to drill.
Installation in just a few minutes to customers idler.
Simple Calibration

Calibration accomplished via instructions that appear on Large Graphical Display (5.25” x 1.5”).
Simple Step –by –Step instructions through the calibration process.
Speed Sensor mounts to any adjacent idler via special “tri-fold” bolt.
Large oversize NEMA 4x fiberglass enclosure with lockable latch.
Standard Features

4 Inputs: Remote Clear, Print Ticket, etc.
4 Outputs: Under / Over Speed, Rate or Tons, Pulse per Ton, etc.
4-20 mA Output (16 bit): Chart Recorder, Production Control, etc.
Accepts 110/220 VAC and 12-24 VDC
Power Protection both Under and Over (85 to 264 VAC)
RS 232: Printer, etc.
RS 485: Printer, Auxiliary Equipment, etc.
Ethernet: PLC, PC, Remote Display, HTTP Web Server
1 Year Limited Warranty
Accurate and Reliable

Solid steel construction with durable powder coating for protection.
Heavy Duty Steel Load Cells temperature compensated for accuracy during wide temperature ranges.
High speed processor and surface mount circuitry components for long reliable operation.




  • Automatic Angle Compensator -- $435
  • Junction Box -- $215
  • Ticket Printer -- $1095
  • Remote Display -- $2745
  • Cellular Remote Display (NEW) -- $3185
  • Wireless Radio -- $1000
  • Weigh Shark Remote I/O (NEW) (Expands Input & Output Capabilities of the Weigh Share Belt Scale via Ethernet)-- $1650
  • Truck Load Out (6 inch Mono Chrome Touch Screen w/ software. Scale Extra)-- $1645
  • Truck Load Out (6 Inch COLOR Touch Screen w/ software. Scale Extra! Truck Load Out Option can be used with any model Weigh Shark Scale.) -- $2085
  • Outdoor Marquee Signs (NEW) NEMA 4x Enclosure w/ surge protection and ability to read Weight, Rate and Much More. 2 Lines of 2" Character Height or 1 Line of 4" Character Height -- $3295

*Prices do not include installation

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