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National Conference on Weights and Measures

Member of National Conference On Weights And Measures

SC Department of Agriculture - Certified Technicians for Calibration and Repair

SC Department of Agriculture Certified Technicians for Calibration and Repair

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Member- National Institute of Standards and Technology

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We have added many new suppliers and products to our line this year. Some are well known suppliers who have been in business for years and new suppliers with brand new technology for the ever changing and demanding market. Browse our products line. If you don't see it, it may be we just haven't added it yet. We are merely a phone call away.

Whether you just need a load cell replacement, or an entire force and load measurement system, I.C.S., LLC, stands ready to be of service to you. We offer floor scales, tank weighing systems, hopper weighing systems, crane scales, mixing batching blending, process control, check weighing, software, wireless systems; nearly every type of scale under the sun. If you don't see it listed, just call.

We welcome Custom Applications! Contact us @ (314) 754-6358 for a quote.

Not sure whether to make a scale purchase this year? Click Here to read about The Economic Stimulas Act of 2008 as it applies to business!


We have over 45 years of combined weigh systems and engineering experience, a large inventory featuring immediate shipment of many parts and a willingness to bring creative problem-solving and innovation to our customers. Our guiding principles are simple. We strive to provide our customers with bend-over-backwards service.


Our goal is to understand and fill each customer's needs with a precise weighing solution that conforms to our high standards for UTV. UTV stands for utility, technology, and value. Each component of this standard guides our equipment recommendations.


  • U:The equipment must fully meet customer Use requirements.
  • T: Our scales and systems must comply with industry Technology standards.
  • V: All equipment provided must reflect true Value. This means that our customers purchase the best equipment specifically suited to their needs at the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

We insist on the highest standards of corporate integrity by matching the scale to the customers needs and application. We give our customers accurate expectations. We make good on our promises and commitments. We will never "over-engineer" a scale or system for higher profits. If we "don't know", we will tell you so, and then make sure we "find the answer" promptly.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

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I.C.S. Inc. 4365 Dorchester Rd. Ste. 205, Charleston, SC 29405 Ph: 314-754-6358 or 843-278-0342
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Effective January 1, 2012 a 3% fuel surcharge will apply to all orders. The global situation of increasing fuel costs has forced this move. We believe a temporary fuel surcharge rather than a price increase would best serve our customers.

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